Komunidad continues to enhance Severe Weather Early Warning System for Assam State in India

Komunidad continues to enhance its impact-based weather monitoring and forecasting decision support tools to Assam State Disaster Management Agency (ASDMA). The system will focus on visualization, reporting and alerting of lightning, dangerous thunderstorms, weather forecast & nowcast and tropical cyclones.

The project will accelerate ASDMA’s climate operations center, as Komunidad will use its development platform to rapidly create the most suitable tool for ASDMA. High quality datasets from government & private sources will be integrated to build custom visualizations, automated reports and alerting.

Critical datasets include:

Lightning and severe weather detection allow for proximity alerts and severe storm warnings up to 95% lightning detection efficiency.

Dangerous Thunderstorm to provide an average of 45 minutes of advanced lead-time warning for severe weather. These are issued when there is a high frequency of lightning indicating the increased potential for Lightning strikes, Heavy rain rates, High winds and Hail.

Radar alternative to provide an interactive map of convective weather that can be used for identification and advanced warning of dangerous storms, flood prediction and drought assessment on national scale, extended coverage in mountainous regions and over waters and real-time information at a fraction of the cost of radar.

  • High-resolution synthetic weather observations as supporting datasets.
  • High resolution 15-day hourly weather forecast with more than 10 parameters
  • Rain analysis and Nowcast with 15-minutes breakdown of rain and wind parameters
  • Tropical Cyclones observations and forecast (including Invest)
  • Official Government warnings and weather information
  • Hazard maps from Assam State Disaster Management Agency (ASDMA)
  • Automated Weather Stations & other sensor assets from Assam State Disaster Management Agency (ASDMA)

The key objectives of the project will empower ASDMA, districts, revenue circles and villages with

  • Enhanced web based dashboards
  • 24×7 local risk analysis report
  • Efficient dissemination of severe weather early warning via Email & SMS
  • Other reports automation

“Managing a State requires acknowledging the risks in every area of the community. We use a data-driven approach by leveraging the best datasets available to build local impact based risk assessments that can support ASDMA. We also believe in the future that extending this information to the citizens and government stakeholders will further strengthen the state’s preparedness to severe weather and natural disasters” Says Felix Ayque, founder and CEO.

Assam State, India

Assam is a state in northeastern India, south of the eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra and Barak River valleys. Assam covers an area of 78,438 km2 (30,285 sq mi).