Komunidad joins Imagine H2O program for water innovation push

Komunidad has joined Imagine H2O Asia’s growing list of cohorts as it furthers the push for water innovation amid global water and climate crisis.

Komunidad is one of the 13 startups picked as Cohort 4 of Imagine H2O to join in the water accelerator and market access program to discuss and address Asia’s water and wastewater challenges.

Komunidad is among the start-up companies that will lead in climate resilience and adaptation.

For its goal, the software-as-a-solution company based in the Philippines highlighted its “climate risk decision support tool that integrates multiple weather data sets with local environmental data to generate precise, customizable and community-specific insights and alarms for improved climate adaptation and resilience.”

It also touted its multiple projects in the Philippines and India as it works with local governments for disaster risk management, and other sectors including energy, agriculture, transport and banks.

The Imagine H2O program received over 100 applications, two-thirds of which are based in Asia. Of these, 13 companies from six different countries have been chosen to tackle flood prediction, septic tank cleaning, wastewater treatment process efficiency and more, Imagine H2O said on its website.

Through this program, startups are able to gain access to new markets and partners, including mentors that will vet customer leads and partners. They will also “benefit from travel stipends for market research and showcase at major exhibits” such as the Singapore International Water Week.

To further develop the company, Komunidad and other cohorts can participate in support and group training sessions. From these, they will receive curated country briefings to help them navigate the market and meet mentors to help them adapt solutions and business models.

Cohorts can also be introduced to pilot co-funding awards or apply for other support to implement pilot and commercial projects. This includes application to the Water Technology Access Partnership, which is a pilot funding and innovation learning platform created in collaboration with the World Bank Water Global Practice.

The Imagine H2O Asia program will start this November 2022 and will span the next 18 months or until April 2024. After finishing the project, Komunidad will also join the growing number of alumni network of 175 startups that continue to receive support from the international startup.